POLICY of Miðflokkurinn REYKJAVIK

Miðflokkurinn (the Centre Party) will clean up the city



Responsible financial management is the cornerstone for services to the citizens.

  • Miðflokkurinn intends to review the operating environment of the city, identifying it’s law binding obligations and prioritize revenue for basic needs.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to implement hiring-freeze in the city administration.
  • Miðflokkurinn will optimize the office of Product and Service Purchases in Reykjavik by taking up new procedures in the procurement of tools that provide visibility, transparency and analytical overview.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to reduce abroad travel of city officials and tighten control over traveling costs so that trips will not be taken unless necessary.
  • Miðflokkurinn will implement these measures to lower the tax rate in the second half of its term without deterioration of basic services.


Reykjavik as the nation’s capital is to be a leader in the operation of primary and pre-school education and is to set strict demands on the quality of the schools it owns and manages in the municipality.

  • Miðflokkurinn plans to put the student first! And granted to those who need individualized learning.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to increase the independence of the primary schools and decentralize education.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to reorganize completely Reykjavik education policy with respect to the experience of recent years. Emphasis should be placed on teaching reading, Icelandic and math.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to increase emphasis on: practical subjects, arts and sports.
  • Miðflokkurinn will have free teaching materials and lunch in the cities schools for all children.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote the Occupational Education School in Reykjavik (Vinnuskóli Reykjavíkur) with diverse and increased job options.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote resources for young people with special needs.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to reorganize the preschools.

We don’t learn for school, we learn for life!


Miðflokkurinn recognizes the increasing problem of drug use and an increase in the homeless and plans to promote the fight against this social malaise.

  • Miðflokkurinn intends to request increased cooperation with the Union Against Alcohol Related Problems (SÁÁ) and other professionals in consultation with the state and other municipalities.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to establish effective remedies for persons who are coming into the community again after treatment or penitentiary.
  • Miðflokkurinn will make school administrators responsible for resolving bullying in schools.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote a lasting solution to the issues of homeless in cooperation with professionals and organizations.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote the Reykjavik will provide quality mental health services where the individual is at the centre. The focus will be on prevention, education, early intervention and follow-up at all levels of education.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote the Social Housing System (Félagsbústaðir).
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote services of psychiatric nurses and / or psychologists in primary and secondary schools. It is important for children to know that mental illness is not a taboo and it’s OK to discuss them.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to promote the provision of resources for children and teenagers who are subject to drug abuse, and enhance family therapy in relation to these problems.
  • Miðflokkurinn will decentralize the Child Protection Agency back to the Neighbourhood Service Centres to consolidate cooperation with the public and the authorities in the local community.
  • Miðflokkurinn wants to reintroduce the Local Police Office preventive education program in pre-schools and primary schools.


Miðflokkurinn emphasizes that city planning is in the hands of the municipality governments and that planning should be reviewed according to law following municipal elections.

  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to organize Keldur for a new National Hospital and residential array for the elderly.
  • Miðflokkurinn plans to move away from the current condensation strategy and focus on the development of new neighborhoods, such as expansion of housing districts in Úlfarsárdal and Kjalarnes with economical housing prices in mind.
  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to increase the number of apartments for the elderly as well as residential and nursing homes in areas like Stekkjarbakki, Mjódd and Keldur. The elderly should be facilitated to live in their own homes longer with necessary services.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to conduct city planning in such a way that large workplaces are scattered around the city to decrease traffic congestion in the city centre.


  • Miðflokkurinn is planning to abolish fares in the Disabled Persons Travel Service (Ferðaþjónusta Fatlaðra) and go on a general reorganization of the service.
  • Miðflokkurinn will provide all residents of Reykjavík fare free bus services to increase the use of public transportation and provide services for marginalized groups.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to improve public transport and bus stops in the capital but rejects current plans for the overpriced Bus Rapid Transit (Borgarlína).
  • Miðflokkurinn intends to improve the general flow of traffic and solve congestion problems in the city with optimization of traffic lights, modern design roundabouts and / or flyovers.
  • Miðflokkurinn will focus on laying the Sundabraut via tunnel.
  • Miðflokkurinn intends have the city airport remain in it’s current location in Vatnsmýri so that it may develop in parallel with the planned Transportation Terminal and the aviation industry.
  • Miðflokkurinn will support the plans of Local Port Officials (Faxaflóahafnir) to further development in the future.
  • Miðflokkurinn will ensure that the city and its streets will be systematically and regularly cleaned. Streets, sidewalks and paths will be maintained.
  • Miðflokkurinn will promote family-friendly transportation and put pedestrian safety above all else.


Miðflokkurinn will:

  • Prioritize revenue to basic services
  • Multiply housing for families and young people in the suburbs
  • Offer free food in elementary schools
  • Plan a new National Hospital at Keldur
  • Ensure that the City Airport will remain a service for the whole nation in Vatnsmýri
  • Optimize traffic flow and shorten the travel time for the family car
  • Offer fare free bus services for residents of Reykjavik
  • double the amount of the Leisure Card (Frístundakort) from 50.000kr to 100.000kr